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40ft Container

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40ft Pallet wide container

Pallet-wide containers are approximately 5 cm wider and are designed for optimal transportation of cargo on EURO pallets. Three pallets can be placed next to one another in the container without any loss of stowage space. This means that they can accommodate three pallets more than a standard container. The most common application area is currently the local market because this container type is still rather new and not yet widely-known.

  • INSIDE LENGTH: 11.832 m
  • INSIDE WIDTH: 2.228 m
  • INSIDE HEIGHT: 1.981 m
  • DOOR WIDTH: 2.410 m
  • DOOR HEIGHT: 2.261 m
  • CAPACITY: 76,3 m3
  • TARE WEIGHT: 4200 Kgs
  • MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 40800 Kgs
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