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About us

Hassle free container supply process from SECORA Containers!

Why choose us? Its simple, the Team SECORA offer the best possible price for shipping or storage containers.  

Why choose us?  We guarantee the quality of our containers and our service. Collectively we have decades of experience within the container sales and container hire industry.

We are customer focused, efficient and offer the best possible prices for container rental and shipping container sales throughout the Europe.

There are different types of shipping containers available in today’s marketplace. We understand that shipping containers have various functions – you are able to use it for food exportation, furniture exportation and even for automobile deliveries. And each of these products has different needs and specification. It is necessary then you have an idea on what kind of shipping container will be best for you.

When buying a container, you have to think about a lot of things as it is an investment. Discuss your needs with us. Call us today!

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Container rental
Do you need a container only for a while? Do not you want to invest in the purchase? At Secora Containers, we offer rental of 20 and 40 foot containers.
Do not you want to invest in the purchase? Rent a container