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Rent Containers

Rent a shipping container or storage container?

When you temporarily need additional space, you can rent a storage container, shipping container or reefer container from SECORA Containers.


This space can serve as a temporary warehouse, an extension of your transport fleet or as additional cooling facilities.

Rent a container at SECORA Containers

SECORA Containers has become a powerful supplier of rental containers in the Poland.

With a dedicated fleet of rental containers available from various locations SECORA Containers can always offer you a suitable solution.

All types, sizes and designs available

SECORA Containers has a wide range of containers available, whether it is a storage container, eating unit, workshop container or refrigerated container.

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Container rental
Do you need a container only for a while? Do not you want to invest in the purchase? At Secora Containers, we offer rental of 20 and 40 foot containers.
Do not you want to invest in the purchase? Rent a container