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40ft Container

40ft Standard container

The 40ft standard container is among the top three most used containers worldwide. see more

40ft High cube container

The 40ft high cube container belongs, as well as the 20ft standard and the 40ft standard container. see more

40ft Open top container

A 40ft open top container has the same dimensions as a 40ft standard container, but does not have a roof making it easy to load from above. see more

40ft Pallet wide container

Pallet-wide containers are approximately 5 cm wider and are designed for optimal transportation of cargo on EURO pallets. Three pallets can see more

40ft Flat rack container

Flat rack containers are especially suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery see more
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Container rental
Do you need a container only for a while? Do not you want to invest in the purchase? At Secora Containers, we offer rental of 20 and 40 foot containers.
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